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About John Anner

Dr. John Anner, PhD, is the founder and President of Flintworks Consulting LLC. Prior to starting his own consulting business in mid-2017, he was the CEO of the Dream Corps, founded by Van Jones. You can learn more by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

He has worked in the non-profit sector for over 30 years, with the past 20 in the CEO position. Prior to joining the Dream Corps, he led Thrive Networks for 13 years, helping the organization expand from Vietnam to a dozen countries in Asia and Africa. He was also the founder and executive director of the Independent Press Association, and served as the board chair of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights for seven years. He is currently the board chair of the Coral Reef Alliance.

He has played a key role in starting many private businesses that both generate revenue and deliver social returns.

Dr. Anner’s PhD and research focus on the use of impact measurement as a critical success factor for social enterprises. He also holds an MS in international development.

John is an avid adventurer, and can be found most weekends freediving, spearfishing, bicycle racing, backcountry skiing, scuba diving or doing a triathlon. He is a former motorcycle road racer, although family members currently prohibit that activity.

John was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mauritania, West Africa, and at various times was reasonably competent in five languages.